Group Rules

I will be putting out posts and working very hard to help us all achieve our goals but like many of us, I have a full-time job; so if I see any negativity, spamming or sharing of links or salesy stuff outside of designated days they will be deleted. You will get one offense. On the second strike, you will be banned. I don’t have time to explain myself.

The rules of the group are simple:

No Negativity, don’t be a dick.

No Judgement

No Speed Shamming (making someone feel not good enough if they aren’t at your speed or have a desire to be faster)

No Spamming with links or affiliate pitches

No Blog like posts – these are usually one-sided and thinly veiled sale pitches and I don’t have time to read them all.

No Workouts posts outside of designated events.

No “I need advice” posts. I will gladly educate and put you in touch with people that can answer those types of questions on certain days, but I’m in a lot of running groups and the longest, most toxic posts are the ones that start with “I need advice, I have _____ “.

I am willing to remove this restriction if we are able to grow the group with awesome, thoughtful and compassionate people who know how to have a discussion without being rude.

Please do not join this group:
> If you are easily offended by swear words. I’m an adult and I tend to swear
> If you don’t like talking about things like pooping, chafing or other unpleasant aspects of running.
> If you are looking for self-validation that you are great. We don’t have time to feed your ego, please use your own Facebook page for that.
I may change these rules at any time to help maintain the group atmosphere and will notify the group appropriately.