It’s been cold here in Texas this week. Now not Chicago cold, which is where I grew up. But after being down south for the last 10 years has turned me soft! I get chilled if the temperature drops below 70 degrees. My first few years here I would still get layered up and go running, the coldest run was in 22 degree cold. At the time I was training for my second marathon. This marathon was on New Year eve and it wound up being freezing rain for the bulk of my 5 plus hours on the cement path. I finished, but since thin I have made it my mission to only run in cold, rain or cold rain, only if I must.

So this week the early morning temps dipped down into the 20s and the wind has been awful. I’ll admit I slept in, but like most weeks in Texas, we will be back up to the high 60s by Friday.

The reason I’m writing this blog, is I could have easily kept moving by doing just 3 simple exercises. These quantities can vary, and the length of time on repeat can also be increased. But honestly no more than 20 minutes is really needed.

Start with 5 push-ups – chest to ground, 10 sit-ups – you can add weights and pull over and finally 15 air squats; put this on repeat for 3 minutes and if needed build over time to 20 minutes. Simple right? Well let’s talk about form.

I’m about to piss a few people off but you do not want to do your push ups on your knees. Don’t get me wrong I can’t do a full push up, but I start with my body laying flat (chest to the ground), I lift my hand just off the ground and then as I place the hands near my armpits I use my legs, to swing to my toes and my glutes to press my body to a upper push-up position. Once there I lower myself and use my knees if I can’t hold it, but I let my body completely lower – chest to ground (you getting the idea?).

Proper Chest to Ground Push-Up



The reason you don’t want to do the modification of the knees is because what we wind up doing is keeping our butts up and torquing our neck. This causes strain in the neck and shoulders and does not get you any closer to a full push-up. The goal is to use correct movement and form.

Now let’s look at your sit up. Lie on your back – legs out and arms over your head. If you need to modify you can bend your legs. But you want to bring your arms over your head all the way up to the sitting position, hence the name sit-up. This is the way you get out of bed in the morning, up from the floor after you’ve stretched. This should be a controlled movement with good form.

Sit-Up with Proper Form


Lastly we have air squats, what are air squats you ask, basically it staying low in you squat, and not standing all the way up. Correct form is squatting with your butt going back.

Squatting Correctly


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