They say when a woman adjusts her pony tail s*%t just got real. Well it’s getting real over here in baconland. I’ve been working on strengthening my ‘posterior chain’ (said with a pretentious air); basically I’m working on my back side. I’ve known for years that we need to engage our glutes when we run to diminish the stress on our backs, quads and hips. I’m not a physical therapist, kinesiologist or anything biology inclined. I just know what my chiropractor has told me, and now what my running coach and mentor has been teaching me.

We need to work on our movement (aka form) in order to run efficiently. I will probably piss many people off by stating that there is a right way to run, which means there is a wrong way. Heel striking, reaching with your leg and foot and pushing are all the wrong movements in running. These movements, when not corrected, lead to running feeling heavy, painful and in many cases injuries that become chronic. If you are one of those people that believe there isn’t just one way to run and you want to fight my opinion, then don’t waste your breath, this is a blog after all (read that as my opinion), and if you don’t want to open your mind to possibly a new idea, then please unsubscribe. However, if you know there’s a better way but you just aren’t sure what that is, then join me.

I’ve been working weekly with Coach Valerie, of RunRX, and October 1st we are taking her free 321 Run program online. Currently you can get it as a pdf, but for me, reading something doesn’t translate. I need to see it. Then I need to practice it, and in many cases I need to run ideas and get guidance as I try to break the old habits and form new ones. So we have put her entire 321 Run – 3 Weeks to running pain free online, and I will be here to work alongside and to help you.

Valerie will walk you through each of the three aspects that make up the Pose Method of running. She has also developed 3 weeks worth of drills that build on each other and help you improve movement, muscle memory, and elasticity in order for you to run without it feeling heavy. But that’s not all, if you are not currently in my Facebook Group, feel free to read the rules, and join in. I will be working on these drills and answering questions to help us all get to a place of pain free running in October.

I hope you join me starting October 1st in my free Facebook Group and sign up to get word when we go live with the online 321Run video series.