If you’ve been following me for a while or have read my blogs you know that I’m starting over in my running life. I took time off and after a minor surgery, I am working on getting going again. I have a couple coaches and plans I’ve used in the past, but I’m super stoked to be working with a new coach (Valerie Hunt) who coaches on the Pose Method. I will include articles and information below to help you all learn more along with me – but I’m super excited. With just a few conversations and three lessons, I am back to running without pain and I’m even jumping. I know you think “what’s the big deal?” But I haven’t been able to even hop in over 14 months! This week I did jumping jacks during my workout and I can’t tell you how liberating it feels to be able to move and run without pain again!

The Pose Method was brought to the US by Nicholas Romanov, Ph.D. He was born, raised and educated in Russia, but decided to relocate to the United States in early 90’s. He uses gravity to help runners naturally fall into proper form and help them to run painlessly. I will be reading and learning on not only how to run with this method but also the possibility of coaching this method which is a lifelong dream of mine to coach people on how to run without injury.

The first meeting, Valerie very simply stated the concept behind Pose, which is the Pose. The position that your body goes into naturally which your knee is up and your other foot lands. She simply explained the instead of thinking of lifting my knee, which basically is a heavy thought and made me feel out of shape and tired; she said I should think of pulling my foot up, and as she walked alongside me she gently said “up up up up” and seriously started me on the road back to…. well the road! This is a video she did that describes exactly what she said to get me started:

We have since met two more times and she has started working with me on the fundamentals and exercises that go into running with proper Pose form. For many, this won’t seem like anything new, but for many people, they ‘just run’ and many get injured because they don’t land properly or fight gravity as they land, causing a jarring in the knee, ankle, and arches.

As I learn more about these exercises I plan to share them with you all, but for now, I am focusing my mind on falling and relaxing. The first is probably the hardest for all runners. Falling means allowing gravity to propel your body forward without bending at the waist. You can see that after just one session with Valerie my form is already improving.

You can find out more about Valerie through her website RunRX and through her quick informational videos on Instagram at @RunRx. Sign up for her free first week of training to get an idea of what I’m working on 321_Run

The Pose Method – How it Works